Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Basement Remodel

To recover from last year's basement flooding we removed all the carpeting and damaged items and put everything else into a pile.

With the floor covering gone, I repainted the room.

About halfway around I noticed that the far section of drywall covering the knee wall was in poor shape. So I covered that area with a bar top and shelves.

Once that was done, I finished my painting and installed a random-lot carpet tile floor. These carpet tiles just lift up, so they can be dried out if we experience more flooding down there.

My wife needed a few more shelves for her remaining books, especially the larger ones. So I made several shelf boxes with the left overs from the earlier shelves.

And that's pretty much it.

I did make one more item, though. My first big home improvement job that I did on my own was our master bathroom. I had a piece of solid cherry with a large, live edge knot in it left over from that project. I, also, had some granite remnants from it. So I cut a strip of granite, routed a corresponding dado across the board, and inset the granite flush with the surface of the board. I chamfered top and bottom and installed a bottle opener and catch bin to the board. This is now mounted in my basement.

So my project here is done. My wife is quickly taking the pile of her things and storing it properly, so we can more fully enjoy our basement area.

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