Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Myrtle Beach

This year we decided to do what, it seems, everyone around here does for summer vacation. We spent a week in an oceanfront condo at Myrtle Beach.

The view was wonderful and it was really nice to be able to eat in, watch television from the couch, and live somewhat normally for the week.

Our typical day had us getting up, one at a time, from 6:00 - 10:00 AM. We'd eat breakfast, get dressed for swimming, and head to the beach and pool. After spending about an hour at each, we'd head back in for a late lunch. Then we'd do something else in the afternoon and have a nice evening walk on the beach.

We visited places like Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing, which are practically the same thing. We went to the Myrtle Beach State Park to walk trails and the boardwalk. One evening, we went to the Pirate dinner show. That sort of thing.

Mostly, though, we relaxed.

For us, this was a little different than most of our vacations where we try to pack in a lot of activities and sightseeing. When it was over, we weren't quite ready for it to end. That, more than anythng, is the mark of a fun vacation.