Sunday, May 14, 2017

Second Blood

Why is it my job to dispose of dead things found in the yard?

There's always some level of confusion on my part when these things happen.

Sarah found a snake in the yard.
Neat. She saw a snake!
Not saw. Found. It's dead.
You know it's dead?
Yes. Because, well, it's half a snake, really. And it doesn't have a head anymore.

So it fell to me to dig a little hole someplace discreet, then bury the snake remains. There were two parts, really, and no head. I assume that it was Mika's play thing until it fell apart.

In addition to snapping up house flies, ridding our property of wayward squirrels, and scaring off amorous geese our dog can add to her job jar the task of keeping the yard snake-free.