Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Birthday Tradition

It seems that my daughter likes when I make her a silly little "cheesecake" pie out of a graham cracker crust and premade cheesecake filling. Granted, I get fancy with doctoring the things up, but they're almost zero effort.

Lime (2014)

Lemon (2015)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Silly Little Shelf

So my wife wanted a shelf unit with limited dimensions to fit into the corner of her classroom and to hold a specific set of books. I didn't have the right scrap to make it, so I bought some crappy, solid pine from the BORG and got to work.

I have all of $14 invested in this.

I did a couple new things with this. I used my router to cut dados across a couple 1x2s. They're 3/4-in wide and 1/4-in deep. The other thing I did was fill in the pocket holes used on the upper shelf with flush-cut dowels. I bought a 3/8 dowel for a dollar and just glued short lengths of it in the pocket holes and cut them off. An orbital sander made quick work flattening those out as well as cleaning up any minor misalignment.

Since this was for my wife, I added her name to it.

Lower case, so that it takes on the second meaning of aspiration and optimism. 

Anyway, I expect that this will work well in her room. Simple to the point of being rustic.