Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pack pack pack!

My summer trip is a week away. Here is our itinerary.

  • Fly to Jackson, WY
  • Go to top of Rendezvous Mountain, shopping in Jackson
  • Drive to Yellowstone Lake (explore West Thumb geyser basin)
  • Scenic boat tour, drive upper loop (explore Mammoth hot springs)
  • Drive to Canyon, hike, horseback riding out of Roosevelt
  • Drive lower loop to Old Faithful (explore Norris geyser basin)
  • Explore upper, middle, and lower geyser basins near Old Faithful
  • Drive to Signal Mountain in Grand Teton
  • Explore Grand Teton National Park
  • Fly home
So many things to do, and even at nine days I feel that we will only scratch the surface. Maybe we will leave something to discover should we go that way again.

As it is, I'm anxious to prepare. I have my clothes laid out and have run out of things to pack. Pack, pack pack! Were I able, I'd have everything packed in bags on the living room floor. I would spend the week sitting my those bags. Waiting.

This week is my week to drive my wife crazy.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Floor for Steve

My son is multiply handicapped. He's not toilet trained and is prone to accidents. I have become quite adept at scrubbing carpets and deodorizing a room. But we have had enough. This weekend, we replaced the carpet in his room with vinyl plank flooring with the hopes that it will be easier to clean.

We still want to replace the flooring throughout out house with hardwood, but wood really wouldn't be the best choice for my son's room. I could have tiled it, but that flooring would be too hard and he would have to find new digs for a couple days. So vinyl it is!

We selected a floating Allure plank floor. It was tough wrestling those planks into place (rarely do they actually "click" together) and cutting the stuff wasn't particularly easy - especially notches, rips, and angle cuts. But it's done. Hopefully, this will work better for him and for us.