Friday, December 30, 2011

Too Many Projects

I love doing a winter project of some sort. That's how I finished the basement, trained the dog, built a computer - that sort of thing. This winter, I have just too many ideas in my head. Too many things that I yearn for.

The first thing that needs done is that I need to paint my daughter's room. We switched the kids' rooms this past summer and hers needs a new set of paint. Something of a grayish green, I think, would look good with her curtains.

After that, I get confused. I want new flooring, but I can't quite afford it right now. I need to refinish the upstairs bathrooms and would like a custom cherry vanity and cabinets that match our kitchen. Which brings me to the point of wanting to make those things myself.

But I don't have the experience or the work space, so plan to handle both of those by making a new work bench using base cabinets as the, um, base. We also have a record player in the front parlor that needs a table, so perhaps I can make a table for it. Then I can tackle of bathrooms (or not, if I find my skill set or tools lacking). Which brings me right back around to the flooring.

I can probably save a considerable sum by doing the installation work myself. Or I can make a hash of it. Frightening uncertainty.

Having a long term, multi-tiered suite of projects isn't a bad thing, per se. The problem is that I find my interest in the flitting between one or another. It's hard to remain passionate about painting a room when you have visions of mauling hardwood dancing in your head. The other problem is if I do manage to complete these projects. I will be an insufferably proud SOB for months afterwards.