Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pack pack pack!

My summer trip is a week away. Here is our itinerary.

  • Fly to Jackson, WY
  • Go to top of Rendezvous Mountain, shopping in Jackson
  • Drive to Yellowstone Lake (explore West Thumb geyser basin)
  • Scenic boat tour, drive upper loop (explore Mammoth hot springs)
  • Drive to Canyon, hike, horseback riding out of Roosevelt
  • Drive lower loop to Old Faithful (explore Norris geyser basin)
  • Explore upper, middle, and lower geyser basins near Old Faithful
  • Drive to Signal Mountain in Grand Teton
  • Explore Grand Teton National Park
  • Fly home
So many things to do, and even at nine days I feel that we will only scratch the surface. Maybe we will leave something to discover should we go that way again.

As it is, I'm anxious to prepare. I have my clothes laid out and have run out of things to pack. Pack, pack pack! Were I able, I'd have everything packed in bags on the living room floor. I would spend the week sitting my those bags. Waiting.

This week is my week to drive my wife crazy.

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