Monday, May 18, 2015

More Basement Shelves

After completing the basement shelf and bar, I had some scraps and cut-offs. The shelves under the bar are well-suited for most books, but not big enough, generally, for binders and large format books. So I decided to make more shelves with the remaining material.

Since the walls were all light French gray, I decided that the room needed a splash of color. So, instead of staining these shelf boxes, I decided to paint them blue with white frames and interiors. Since they were made from leftovers, they would each have different dimensions and designs, so a consistent color scheme would pull them together.

Their horizontal spacing is consistent, too, but not their vertical. Overall, they're not only super functional, but also add some visual interest to the room.

Drilling pocket screw holes

Assembling the first carcass

The first wall cabinet ready for installation

First shelf box installed

First shelf box
So I built the first shelf box and installed it. There would be no use making the rest of them if my wife didn't like them. At it turned out, she really liked the extra shelf room and the look wasn't displeasing, so I started making three more.

Piecing together more shelf boxes

My workbench covered and ready for painting

Laying pieces out for painting

Painting the parts

The second one was the big one

Assembling the face frame

Face frame

That's a really big frame

Second box done

This will hold a lot of binders
Another win. This was the hardest one to make due to its size. The long shelf is supported on the back edge with a nail board and in front by the frame. That should keep the shelf from sagging. The bottom rests on a square cleat (which helped me install this beast) that is painted the wall color, so it doesn't show.

Once this was made and installed, the other boxes came together quickly.

All shelf boxes installed

Lots of room for binders and large format books

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