Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Office Remodel

Finally, I am done with the ground floor remodeling. The kitchen was done a couple years ago. The dining room isn't on my list, nor is the lower half bath. I did paint ceiling and walls and replace carpet with solid hickory in the piano room, family room, hall and home office.

It is time for a break.

It is also time for new office furniture, but that is a project for next winter, perhaps.

In a couple weeks I will be at it again, because it is my plan to refurbish the main staircase, upper landing, master bedroom and my daughter's bedroom before summer.

The main need, there, is to replace the smelly carpet on the landing with hickory and to do something about the worn carpet on the stairs. My daughter's bedroom has been recently painted, so it just needs a new floor. My bedroom needs both a new floor and a fresh coat of paint.

The upper bath is a project for another time, and my son's room is already done.

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