Sunday, February 17, 2013

Living Room Remodel

This afternoon I completed the touch-up painting and caulking of the base molding. This room is officially done.

My wife thinks I did a really nice job, which is all the reward I need.

This room took awhile. Before Christmas, I painted the walls and ceiling. Getting the flooring waited until after the holidays. Then it has to acclimate while I trimmed in the fireplace (which took several weekends). I, also, had a custom hickory mantle made for me.

Eventually, I was able to get to the flooring. Solid hickory, same as my piano room.

Most of it went well, albeit slowly since we were using the room and I could only demo as I marched across the room. The only real problem is in the far corner, where the subfloor drops off. I did what I could to level that area, but it is what it is. Uneven floors lead to gaps between boards. Que sera, sera.

The most vexing problem with the family room is that it is uneven. It is well out of square. However, there are a few items that need to be kept aligned. The niche for the entertainment center, the fireplace, and the entryways to the room. The floor can't be "off" in these locations, even if those items aren't straight.

Of course, you never see these things until you start laying lines on the floor with a laser level.

But the floor is in. The trim is back up. The room is done. My wife likes it.

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