Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last of the Hickory

Break time is over.

The last bit of carpet to be replaced by solid hickory was in the upper hall. We have decided to carpet the stairs, our daughter's bedroom, and the master bedroom. But the upper landing in hickory will, hopefully, wear better than the smelly carpet I ripped out of there. It, also, allows us to use different carpet in the bedrooms and on the stairs, since the flooring carpet and stair carpet do different jobs.

Anyway, I needed a bit more flooring to do the hall, so I made a trip out to Sheoga in my car. I can fit exactly two cases of flooring between the seat of my Maxima, so I picked up a case of 3-1/4 and a case of 4-1/4 prefinished natural hickory. I, also, picked up a stair nosing.

This job took a bit more time than it looks like it ought, but it is finished.

The next steps is to remove the carpet from the stairs and paint the stair trim.

Then I need to paint the master bedroom.

After that, I need to remove the furniture from the bedrooms and remove the carpet from them, too.

I like to say that the last five percent of the job is half the job. So I'm half done.

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