Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cherry Doors

Although I'm making a shelf box for the master bath right now, I'm still plugging away at the vanity. I installed the doors so I could make the upper drawer face the right width. Also added a couple corner braces from scrap cherry plywood. Given the carcass construction, they were probably unnecessary but I feel better having them there.

If my drawers disappoint me, my doors always work well, but drilling those 35 mm holes scares the hell out of me. For face frame hinges, the center should be at 20.5 mm from the edge. My doors were a smidgen wide for 3/4 overlay so I decided to cheat. My hole centers are 21 and 22 mm from edge (the one that's further off is the wall side door - it has the luxury of being sloppy). Probably a good thing I did. With all four hinges at full outboard, I have a 2 mm reveal. The doors don't touch, so I'm happy.

The corner braces are just a couple 45-degree cut offs from some cherry plywood, attached with wood glue and pocket holes. I lack a drill press, so pocket screws work just fine for me.

I have a stainless steel tip out tray on order. I went with a slim model, just so I don't have to fret about interference with the sink. I like the idea of getting some utility out of what would otherwise be a decorative slab of wood.

I am one coat of urethane away from being ready to piece together the carcass of the shelf box. Then, I can start building its face frame.

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