Friday, November 11, 2011

Rum Diary

Went to see The Rum Diary with a friend, loosely based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson who based his book on part of his life. Three times removed from reality, it was fiction, but interesting. It made me consider Thompson's life.

After all, Hunter did move to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1960 and worked as a reporter. Not for the San Juan Star, but for El Sportivo and as a freelancer for the New York Herald Tribune.

He lead a colorful life and invented Gonzo journalism. Eventually, he put a bullet into his brain at his Colorado home he called the Owl Farm. The man was torn between who he really was and his fictionalized character.

Johnny Depp, who played him in the movie, was a friend of his and paid for his funeral. At his funeral, Thompson's cremains were shot from a cannon set atop a 153-foot tower shaped like a double-thumbed fist gripping a peyote.

I am not nearly as creative, I suppose. Probably due to lack of drugs. More's the pity.

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