Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fifth of November

What a beautiful Guy Fawkes Day. Sunny and crisp. The perfect day to work and play in the yard, which is exactly what my family did today.

We raked the leaves in our back yard into a large pile. Picked up sticks and burned them on our patio. Enjoyed a smooth Oktoberfest beer or ice cold root beer, depending on age and taste. I performed a craniotomy on our two pumpkins and we dove elbows deep in search of seeds for roasting.

Like much of life, it wasn't flashy or spectacular. It was just...nice. I am left with the smell of pumpkin guts on my fingers, a handful of simple photographs, and a pleasant memory of moments spent with those I love and who love me in return. This has been the best day of my week. If I had to spend my life repeating one day, over and over again, today would not be a bad choice.

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