Saturday, July 9, 2011

Proud of my Daughter

I had never taken my daughter to Cedar Point before (my son would not handle the lines well, so it was just my daughter and I). She had never rode anything beyond carnival rides. Walking into the park, I looked up at the Raptor and suggested we ride that.

"No, Daddy. Let's keep going."

Oh, at that point I knew where this was going. She was going to be scared of anything challenging. Iron Dragon came first. It's a fairly tame, swoopy hanging coaster. That scared her and she screamed the entire ride. Truth be told, I found it a bit scary, too. It had been more than a dozen years, and the body forgets. After that first ride, though, I was readjusted. Bring 'em all on.

Well, my daughter wasn't quite there, yet. So we rode the Corkscrew, followed by the Magnum. Okay. Now she's not only hooked, but riding the big rides. By the afternoon, she was dragging me towards the Millennium Force. Heh.

She conquered her fear - trusted her father and pushed herself.

All her petty transgressions pale in comparison to her fortitude and resilience. She's an impressive little girl - at least to me. Realizing that is as much fun as anything in the park.

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