Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day at Lake Yellowstone

Solitary bison
Our following day, stationed at Lake Yellowstone, was a busy one.

Dragon's Mouth
After breakfast, we headed to the mud volcano area, where we saw both the thermal features and our first bison. We saw several more bison, a herd as well as individuals, in the Lamar Valley.

Just after lunch, we took a boat tour of Lake Yellowstone out of the nearby marina. The ranger talk on board was a little goofy, but we had fun and saw the remains of a sunken ship and a bald eagle.

Lake Hotel from the water
Back on land, we went to the canyon area to enjoy the Yellowstone canyons and waterfalls.

Hot springs, wild animals, and water would continue to be the major themes of this vacation.
Waterfall-induced rainbow
Yellowstone Canyon

Lower Falls

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