Monday, May 14, 2012

Bad Dad on Mothers' Day

I have a running joke with my wife and officemate. I am the ultimate Bad Husband when it comes to gift giving. I will give my wife something ridiculously practical on occasions that require sentiment, such as birthdays and, well, Mothers' Day.

My wife happens to love practical gifts, and it's not that I don't have a sense of romance. Like I said, it's a running joke. This year I bought my wife a set of cookie sheets for Mothers' Day. Goes with the spatulas I gave her for her birthday.

Granted, they're somewhat pricey Caphlon non-stick baking trays in three different styles, but they're cookie sheets. No roses. No candy. A "card" that was a picture I downloaded, with a couple sentences printed on the opposite side. I played it to the hilt.

My wife, who truly loves me, plays along.

Our daughter did make a lobster dinner for us, with baked potatoes, steamed peas, garlic bread, strawberry margaritas and a lovely dessert of raspberries and lime yogurt in parfait cups. I helped (a bit). The only mishap was that I dropped Louie Number Three (all lobsters in our house get named Louie) when he made for the rocks by flipping his tail vigorously.

Since it was Mothers' Day, I took care of cracking open the lobsters for my children. Steve always needs help and Sarah hasn't quite figured out the techniques to disassembling a lobster. She will, though.

Despite it all, my wife insists that she had a lovely Mothers' Day. That's all that counts.

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