Sunday, March 4, 2012


My workbench is done.

I built this workbench to learn how to build base cabinets.

I learned how to build base cabinets because I want to make new bathroom vanities.

I want to make new bathroom vanities because I can't find ones that I like for a reasonable price.

We need to remodel our bathrooms because they're old and falling apart. And that's why you should never give a mouse a cookie.

So there it is - my new workbench. It's kind of a show bench, really. A torsion box would have been a more functional design, but would not have exercised the skills I wanted to learn. My wife wants me to make our daughter a squat dresser to fit into her closet. Basically, a rectangular box with four drawers. Drawers are hard for me, so that piece will be more of a challenge than she may realize. First, I want to get her headboard made, which is what the lumber in front of my workbench is for.

One of the neat features of my bench is that the grain on the door and drawer fronts flow together. It's a little thing, but I like it.

Anyway, now I need to add a pegboard to the wall behind it, and install a front and end vise. Punch some dog holes through that beautiful top. All in due time.

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