Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kind Green

The first winter project of 2012 is complete. I painted Sarah's room.

Gone are the marks on beige walls. Marks made with pen, pencil, permanent marker, and worse. Now, her walls are a consistent Sherwin-Williams Kind Green. Trim is a semi-gloss white. The major gouges have been filled and sanded.

This weekend, I've started on my second project which is to build a woodworking bench incorporating a pair of base cabinets. The real lesson here to to learn how to make base cabinets. Mistakes are to be celebrated and studied.

I have already made one. I mistakenly figured that the old carbide blade in my miter would be good enough to crosscut oak. Bah! My cuts suffered tear out. I need to acquire a fine crosscut blade and put something sacrificial against the fence. That's the whole point of this exercise, though. No need to waste my time being ashamed of such things.

I hate wasting oak, though.

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